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Our Fees

At Cider Mill we try to keep our pricing simple and transparent, this page is here to give you an initial idea of how much we charge for our services, but to receive a personal quote, or if you have any questions at all about our fees or which price structure your photography falls into please do contact us.

We charge for our photography in a number of different ways to suit the wide variety of services we offer. Actors headshots and business headshots are charged per session, packshot images we charge a set per image and everything else we charge at our standard day rate.

Actors Headshots

Are charged as a complete package and have a set price, full prices and details are on our actors headshot page.

If you are an agency or drama tutor looking for group deals give us a call.

Business Headshots

Are charged as a complete package and have a set price with discounts available for group bookings, full details on our business headshots page.


For basic packshot images we find that most clients prefer a price per image, but we are happy to price shooting and editing at our day rate if you would rather. There’s not a great deal of difference as our packshot prices are calculated to reflect our day rate so really it’s whatever you feel most comfortable with, our full price list is on our packshot page.

Please note, some specialist items such as jewellery we do not offer a set price per image for packshot and in most cases charge per time at our day rate.

Standard Day Rate

Our day rate for all other photography services is £300 per day. This is an 8 hour day, with processing and editing time charged at the same rate. To be clear about this editing and processing time count towards the hours worked, so for example a job that required 5 hours shooting on location and 3 hours post-production back at our studio would be charged at a full days work.

The nature of digital photography is that there is always a small amount of processing time on any job so do expect this.

As we said this is just to give you an initial ideas of our prices, with many of our regular clients we have worked out personalised pricing structures, so if you are unsure about anything or want to discuss your own individual photography needs we’re always happy to chat.