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Actors & Performers Headshots

Hi! My name is Charley, I’ve been shooting actors and performers headshots for over a decade and know how to get you the best shots. The shoot is super relaxed, I will completely lead the session so no need to worry about what to do. During the shoot we’ll do outfit changes, as well as backgrounds so that you end up with a whole range of different looks, suitable for different applications, auditions and profiles.

The shoot normally takes an hour but can often be a little longer – there is no time restriction – we just shoot until we’re both happy we got the images. I will then provide you with roughly 60 hi-quality images from the shoot (that you can use for any purpose), you choose you’re two favourite and I wiz them through my post production machine to give you two professionally re-touched images.

– Price £140 / 2 people £100 each

There is more information below about the shoot and at the bottom of this page more photos from my portfolio.

Please drop me a line or give me a call if you’d like to talk further about a shoot or to book one in.

t: 07917 367 587

Charley Murrell Photographer at Cider Mill Photography


The Session

In an average actors or performers headshot session, we will have time to shoot 4 to 6 different looks. I like to give everyone a wide range of photographs, leaving you with multiple images suited to variety of marketing purposes, both commercial and theatrical. As well as clothing, hair and make-up changes, over the course of the session I will use a number of different lighting set-ups and coloured backgrounds adding to the range of looks and style we can achieve in a single session.


Please bring at least 6 different looks (tops), it’s good to decide what you will wear from a wide range of clothing. Make sure you love it! I don’t want to shoot you in anything that doesn’t make you feel comfortable. Pick items that fall well on your shoulders and flatter your neckline. Remember to be yourself because this is where you can get some of your own personal style into the shot. Bring lots of colours, but try to avoid things overly bright, textures and layers are great but stay away from crazy patterns and large logos.

Hair & Make Up

Try to limit make-up to the bare essentials. It’s important that your headshots look like you, too much make-up will cover up the real you. If you feel you would like a make-up artist, then please contact me before hand. There will be an extra charge of £50.

Please come with your hair ready as if you are going to an audition. Although during the session you will get the opportunity to change your hair by putting it up etc.  Hair, I’ve found, is such a personal thing, so you are in charge here, bring whatever styling products you need to create your look, but remember it’s important that your hair matches the way you will look in person.

Post Production

After the shoot all the images we’ve taken will be put into a private online gallery where they can be viewed and downloaded. From these we can choose your two favorites, which I will retouch to a professional standard in Photoshop. If you would like additional photographs re-touched there is a charge of £10 per image.


I accept payment on the day via cash or cheque or I’m happy to receive a bank transfer after the shoot. All cheques to be made out to Charlotte Murrell or for a bank transfer I will give you the details on the day.

Directions & Contact

For booking and enquiries, you can always contact me via the following:

Phone: 07917 367 587

Address: Cider Mill Photography, 31 Westminster Road, Whitehall, Bristol, BS5 9AN

Whitehall is easily accessible by bus from the centre of Bristol or there is plenty of space to park if you are driving.



Find out what people say about their headshot session at Cider Mill Photography – Click Here: Testimonials.



“I was very nervous before the session but Charley immediately made me feel at ease and I felt I could be confident without judgement. We were able to collaborate on the shots taken and which styles to choose and it was actually a very enjoyable experience. The photos turned out fantastic (especially for the price) and Charley was able to get them to me very quickly for a tight application turn around I had. I would recommend Charley to anyone looking for some solid, affordable headshots – perfect for first timers!”



“I was delighted with the finished headshot photos with so many great ones to choose from. Professional colleagues, family and friends were also extremely impressed with the way the photos captured the natural ‘me’, a necessity for an acting role.  I can highly recommend Charley Murrell as she was not only very easy to work with, providing a relaxing and enjoyable environment, but her rates were extremely competitive. A great service!



“I’m extremely pleased with the headshots Charley has taken for me recently. The whole process from turning up at the studio to receiving the final shots went without a glitch. She creates a relaxed atmosphere, and makes sure she knows exactly what you want from the photos before you begin. In the relatively short session we must have taken over one hundred pictures with different tops and backgrounds, leaving a multitude to choose from. The speed with which I then received the photos was exceptional, and they were all of a very high quality. I will definitely be recommending her to my friends.”


To Book

To book a headshot session please contact Charley
t: 07917 367587




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